Welcome to Art Wheels! My name is Mary. I am an Artist and my passion is painting cars!

I love muscle cars, classic cars from the 50’s, and old trucks. I’m not much for Porsche, or European cars – it’s the big American V8 engine cars that are brilliantly styled! Mustang and Thunderbird top my list of perfection! These cars have such beauty and elegance…not like the autos of today which all look the same to me. The artistry of the fins, long bodies, large wheel wells, enormously bulbous headlights and hoods, are a testament to the talent and vision of the auto designers back then. You could tell one make from another. Today the $20,000 car looks just like the $70,000 car….

I enjoy going to Classic car shows to take pictures and talk to people about how they’ve restored their classics. My father was an auto mechanic. Growing up, I was surrounded by lots of cool cars. We had a Thunderbird, Charger, Mustang and a variety of trucks. Old cars spark memories. They’ve been all sorts of places – it’s like a secret that they’re keeping.  they are an integral part of our daily lives helping us get from one place to another, providing comfort on a long road trip, forging happy memories when we’re out with our friends on an adventure, and serving as a home away from home. Someday soon, driver-less cars will be the standard and we won’t be in charge of this giant piece of machinery. Good and bad I suppose. Hopefully, driver-less cars won’t all look like plain vanilla when we are no longer buying them but instead, summoning them. Maybe the auto manufacturers won’t care too much about design without a big consumer market, but who knows what the future holds? It’s kind of fun and intriguing to imagine it!

Mary Morano

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